We are really looking forward to welcoming you to our finest historic royal palaces, sharing the extraordinary stories they hold and engaging you in expert professional practice.
— Tracy Borman, The Historic Royal Palaces


The Open Palace Programme  is a unique 21 day hands-on experience for students and emergent professionals in some of England's most significant palaces and stately homes, working with and learning from the consummate professionals who care for them.

The Open Palace Programme will give you a new perspective on heritage specialisms and how they are actually practiced on site. 

The Open Palace Programme is endorsed by key organisations in the UK heritage sector including the Historic Royal Palaces

Engaging directly with heritage alongside experts in their field, the programme will allow you to build your own knowledge and skills from direct experience at the heart of England's heritage.  

The Open Palace Programme provides a marvellous way of extending your career opportunities. During the programme you will benefit from bespoke careers advice to help you to understand your particular career experience options within the UK heritage sector. The breadth and depth of the programme will offer a richness and diversity that few individual placements or internships can compare with.  

This year we are delighted to have achieved up to 4 bursaries to support applicants for the 2015 programme.  Details can be found under 'How to Apply'.